Girls in Tech WORK is a program consisting of practical workshops on a chosen topic pertaining to business skills within the technology and entrepreneurial space. These topics are: Digital Resume Building, How to Land a Startup Job, and Negotiation skills.

Led by a subject matter expert, it offers attendees the chance to learn something new or finesse existing skills while mingling with peers, forming new relationships and networking with professionals from the region.

Digital Resume Building

Every day more and more employers at high-tech firms and startups are posting job descriptions, investing in online job boards and searching for the ideal talent to work at their fast-paced, high-growth companies. The business world is online, and as that trend continues the internet is becoming our de facto first choice of where to go to find things, like a new job. That is why it is crucial to have a polished, well-written, web-savvy digital presence because using a computer and the internet is essential.

Building a digital resume is a relatively new creation and can be defined as a YouTube video, an infographic, a full blown out personalized website with designs and animations or an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. However you define it (and there is no one perfect definition), the only guidelines that should be followed are to focus on your skillset and creativity.

How to Land a Startup Job Workshop

Start-up-er (stärt- əәp- əәr): An individual passionate about working with small, driven groups of entrepreneurs, who loves the idea of wearing multiple hats and working long hours to complete a goal. She thrives in an innovative environment, eagerly accepts challenges, and finds joy in not knowing what’s around the corner.

Let’s face it, working at a startup is pretty darn awesome. One of those reasons is by being able to own a piece of the pie (equity), gambling and potentially hitting the jackpot and because of the culture that it offers its employees. Whether it’s an open-desk, collaborative environment or free food, beer, t-shirts or never-ending ping pong, beer pong, foosball games – “startup culture” is consistently used as a competitive recruitment tool for many companies in the tech space around the world, and one major reason that continues to draw people to the tech mecca, otherwise known as Silicon Valley.

When deciding to join a startup, there are three things that people look for to ensure that it will be the ideal culture fit for me – People, Product, Environment. Startups give people the opportunity to move the needle and make an impact based on the “ask for forgiveness, not permission” type of mentality. Employees own more responsibility, have more opportunities to shine, wear many different hats and can learn from one another based on the innovative minds that startups attract. Most importantly, startups instill the values of hard work, accountability and self-sustainability. What you put into it, you will get out of it.

Negotiations Workshop

Negotiation Workshop: Strategies, Tools, and Skills for Success

Negotiation skills are crucial in everyday life whether you’re asking for a larger salary and benefits package, discussing an appropriate equity allotment or attempting to get a discount on your dry cleaning - Girls in Tech realizes that without negotiations skills people will be missing out on some pretty sweet opportunities and that is why we’ve introduced this workshop to our global community of aspirational women in tech – who, with a little more insight on negotiations tactics can get exactly what it is that they’re looking for in a career and get compensated and rewarded accordingly.

The GIT Negotiation Workshop provides participants with the skills to turn disputes into deals. Transform deals into better deals. Negotiating effectively requires the ability to change the game – moving away from conflict and toward collaboration. In this intensive, interactive program, you acquire a proven framework for maximizing the value of your negotiation, whether you are behind the bargaining table with a client or across the table with an opposing party.

Engaged with a professional group of peers, you will participate in discussions and simulations that cover a range of complex scenarios ranging from intellectual property, pricing, and licensing negotiations to international, domestic, public, and private disputes. You will refine your negotiation skills and leave with a set of strategies that you can use to deal with difficult negotiation behaviors and hard-bargaining tactics.